Eats & Beats Killarney

Killarney Folk Collective Presents

Eats & Beats

Food, Music & Arts Festival 

Kate Kearney’s Cottage, Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, County Kerry
We are a small but innovative and enthusiastic collective of people from Killarney. We include DJs, traditional musicians, foodies and craft workers. We formed in 2021 to create Eats & Beats, a new festival providing opportunities for musicians, local crafts, local food and artisans to showcase their work and talents while providing a different type of festival suited to all age groups. The concept of Eats & Beats is a pop-up festival that can be hosted in different locations.
3 years of food & music

2021 – Eats & Beats 1

2022 – Eats & Beats 11

2023 – Eats & Beats 111

2024 – Eats & Beats 1111 Coming Soon
Aug 4th 2024